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Fraudulent Website Alert

Please be aware that there have been instances of fraudulent websites purporting to represent DFI Retail Group. These deceptive sites are using our Group's information and branding materials, falsely claiming to be authorised by DFI Retail Group, and offer a position at the company or online training related services.

Some of these websites include:


DFI Retail Group will not send out any communications including SMS, emails, or hyperlinks, asking for sensitive personal information or any financial information. If you come across any such requests or fraudulent websites, please alert us at We appreciate your vigilance in bringing this matter to our attention.

Please be reminded that the official website of DFI Retail Group is The following are easy ways to spot some of these fraudulent communications and websites:

  1. There is an unfamiliar domain name apart from ".com".
  2. They contain grammatical errors.
  3. You are requested to provide personal information, bank account or credit card details.

We recommend you not to click on or respond to any fraudulent websites or communications. If you are unsure as to whether or not an unsolicited communication is fraudulent or authorised by DFI Retail Group, please contact us directly to verify the communication before taking any further action.