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DFI Retail Group’s customers, suppliers, business partners and other external parties we communicate or transact with, are duly advised to be aware of and to look out for cyber attacks designed to deceive them into thinking they are communicating or transacting with DFI Retail Group, when in fact they may be dealing with a threat actor. This could be through cyber attacks such as phishing, spoofing and email impersonation. If you are communicating or transacting with DFI Retail Group, it is incumbent on you to take appropriate actions and precautions to ensure that you do not fall for such cyber attacks. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the legitimacy of your communications or transactions with DFI Retail Group, please contact us using one of the official communication channels on this website on the Contact webpage.
Vulnerability Disclosures

DFI Retail Group takes the security of its online websites, apps, systems, services and other resources (“IT Infrastructure”) seriously. We make extensive efforts to implement the best possible security measures given the IT Infrastructure that we utilise. Despite this, there may still be security vulnerabilities present that we are not aware of. If you believe you have identified a suspected (whether actual or potential) security vulnerability on any of DFI Retail Group’s IT Infrastructure, please assist us by promptly reporting your findings to us. You can do so by e-mailing your findings to DFI Retail Group encourages the responsible disclosure of suspected security vulnerabilities to its IT Infrastructure, and will treat any such disclosures with respect. We also expect that you will act with integrity and respect in contacting and communicating with us. When e-mailing us your findings, please provide us with the following information:

  • Provide a comprehensive description of your findings, including a description of the suspected vulnerability, date and time you identified this suspected vulnerability, the impacted IT Infrastructure, describe how you think this suspected vulnerability will impact DFI Retail Group, applicable country/territory affected, etc.; and
  • Provide us with your full name, email address, contact mobile number, your location of residence and, if applicable, company name.

In contacting DFI Retail Group with a suspected vulnerability, we will apply the following approach:

  • In notifying us of a suspected security vulnerability, you must conduct yourself in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. DFI Retail Group does not endorse or condone any actions taken by you in violation of applicable laws and regulations.
  • You must not attempt to exfiltrate any data from our IT Infrastructure, publish any details of the suspected vulnerability, or take any actions to exploit, test or use any suspected vulnerability.
  • DFI Retail Group will not be liable for any expense, damage or loss of any kind which you may suffer or incur due to any action or inaction taken by you in relation to or connected with the suspected vulnerability.
  • You agree that in submitting any information to DFI Retail Group in relation to a suspected vulnerability, DFI Retail Group will be permitted to use, copy and share such information as it sees fit, and take such actions (or take no actions) as it determines appropriate in its discretion.
  • DFI Retail Group will investigate your vulnerability disclosure and, where necessary, take appropriate actions to resolve the vulnerability.
  • DFI Retail Group will not provide any cash reward or financial incentive of any kind for the detection and/or resolution of any security vulnerability. We may however, be willing to accord appropriate recognition to you for your contribution in reporting and/or resolving any validated vulnerability.

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